Day 1 (14th of April 2023)

Introduction and welcome
Rafa Chacon,
Cristina Calvo, Olaf Neth
9.30-10.00To MIS-C or not to MIS-CElisa Fernandez Cooke
10.00-10.30How long (if at all) to treat….? Pere Soler
10.30-11-30Interactive case discussions (n=3)Moderator
Alasdair Bamford/Cristina Calvo
11.30-12.00Coffee break
12.00-12.30High consequence infectionsElizabeth Whittaker
12.30-13.00Pets - best friends for the immunocompromised child!Ana Mendez
13.00-13.30Autoinflammatory diseases mimicking Immunodeficiency – mechanisms and managementBenedicte Neven
14.30-15.00RSV- prevention and treatmentPablo Rojo
15.00-15.30Treatment of Metallo-beta-lactamase-producing InfectionsPranita Tamma
15.30-16.00Management of non-neutropenic feverSilvia Simo
16.00-16.30Coffee break
16.30-17.00Management of Difficult-To-Treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa InfectionsPranita Tamma
17.00-18.00Interactive case discussions (n=3)Moderator
Elizabeth Whittaker/ Olaf Neth
18.00-18.15Closing remarksAll

Day 2 (15th of April 2023)

9.00-9.30Clostridium botulinum- challenges and opportunitiesBeatriz Ruiz
9.30-10.00Invasive Fungal Infections: whom, when and how to treatAdilia Warris
10.00-10.30Clinical Trials- a tale´s journeyN Klein
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.00Interactive case discussions (n=3)Moderator
Ton Noguera/ Natalia Mendoza
12.00-12.30Enteric viral infections and antibody deficienciesBenedicte Neven
12.30-13.00Hot topics on antiviral therapiesAlasdair Bamford
13.30-14.30Immunity of early life infectionsPhilipp Henneke
14.30-15.00Clostridioides difficile, "pooh" and HAIWalter Goycochea
15.00-16.00Interactive case discussions (n=3)Moderator
Daniel Blazquez / Peter Olbrich
16.00-16.15Evaluation/Suggestions/Closing remarksAll